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23 March 2006 @ 07:00 pm
Title: Rosetta
Author: Lydia
Rating: G
Summary: A short futuristic piece with a bit of mystery. I may continue it.

"Somehow, this isn't a surprise to me. After all, the kid-"

"I know, I know. Gather, I need you to work with me now and snark later," Rosetta said, shifting her weight impatiently. Her hands nervously flit up to push back long auburn hair before grasping the comm. booth panel display. Hearing the hard plastic creak, she consciously relaxed her grip. The liquid-crystalline polymer coated chips inside were delicate, and any undo pressure would sound an alarm in the technical teams database. The station's tec-t's would come running if they thought one of their precious electronics were damaged, and she certainly didn't need the attention.

Glancing about, she could barely keep the internal butterflies mucking up her nerves from showing on the outside. At 5'10, with an athletic yet curvy figure and large almond shaped eyes, she wasn't the most inconspicuous figure present. Not at five after first dawn.

Her native planet, Kilsec, had two suns, the first weaker sun Uri beginning very early. Most people were up and about two after second dawn, when the larger sun, Rye, crested over the bustling city. But the current pressing matter forced her to find a secure link and this facility boasted widely about their free-speech messaging.

Looking up over the panel, a bright flyer stretched across the steel gray wall caught her eye.

'No Central Vanguard, no Central Operatives. Clear Link – where you can speak free.'

The owner of the retail messaging chain was a mystery, but rumor was that a highly intelligent SciTech that used to work for Central became disgusted over its actions on a particular mission. Using his inside information he created a way for people to talk without fear of Central localizing on a private call. It was also said that Central was still trying to restrain his resources and shut down the operation. But with freedom advocates breathing down the Bureau-leaders' necks, no one dared to openly shut down businesses that used the messaging chain. The program itself had an update rate of twice a nano-second. No one could crack it, though many have tried for years.

"Are you going to help me, or not?" Rosetta asked, her eyes focusing on the digitized form of her trusted contact, a man she only knew as Gather, real names dropped in favor of security. She'd heard he came by his name because of his excellence in gathering. Information, fake identification, money, passports, no matter what you needed, he was very good in getting it, timely and exactingly. But, she didn't have time for his peculiarities. Everything depended on his side moving quickly. Things were already racing full tilt on her end.

"Rosetta! You wound me! When don't I help when you ask so nicely?" The blurred figure on screen leaned over, his head tilting to the side. Rosetta could imagine a smirk playing on his lips by the tone of his voice. Honestly, if he wasn't so good at what he did, she'd have long ago traded contacts.

"Right," she mumbled under her breath. "So when can I expect the package?"

"It's already in a strongbox at Safety Vaults, number D10. The key is in care of Safeguard Fray. Your phrase is, 'I need a vault lock for home, would you have a suggestion?' He'll reply 'we have many vault locks, but I have just the one for you.' See I always look out for you don't I?"

Rosetta allowed a small smile to appear briefly. She really shouldn't complain about his oddities so much, he really was a miracle worker. After all a man that intelligent should be allowed to have an outlet of some type, and his quirky persona seemed to suit him.

"Indeed you do. Thanks for the quick setup, I'll be on my way."

"Until next time, my dear." Gather's image was gone instantly, Clear Link's logo flashing onto the monitor. Glancing around once more, she quickly stood and slid the data folder under her arm, coat collar up to conceal part of her face. Sunwraps would be out of place with Uri's twilight glow, but once Rye rose, she could don the dark glasses.

Though no one could monitor calls and data exchanges, it didn't stop them from taking pictures outside the facility.


Turning the key, Rosetta smiled at the thick brown casing. Thumbing the snaps open, she scanned the items before closing it. Safeguard Fray was blocking the entrance to vault D, so no one was preview to the contents of her load. They identified each other quickly, and there were no hitches in the exchange.

Striding to the door, she tapped his shoulder. He escorted her to the entrance and she nodded in thanks, before stepping out into the light. Walking quickly, she hailed a speeder with barely a lifted hand. The speeders were remote controlled, so she simply gave her destination and the computer plotted the fastest most efficient route by weather, traffic, construction, and map data streams.

Sliding into the coach, she sighed at the plush seating, a dark window blocking the sight of blinking lights and various knobs from the front as well as tinting the city outside her cab. Opening the case balanced on her lap, Rosetta sorted through the information quickly, until she came to the item that she was most concerned with. Pulling it out, she stroked the smooth bracelet, turning it to see the inscription.

'To the best kid in the world. Love, Rosey.' In that instant the sadness behind her hazel eyes would have captured anyone within sight.

"I'm coming, William."

Title: Rosetta's Link
Author: Lydia
From Existing Universe: n/a
Inspiration Note: I manipulated this pic w/ a photo of MR. The background colors attracted my eye, and I felt it had a bit of a story to it.

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